High Risk Processing

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Boarding High Risk Merchants

-Lowest Rates
-Rate Comparisons
-Little or No Reserv
-Start Ups

Merchant List:
Air Carriers & Charter Services
Auto Rental Agency
Bail Bond Payments
Bail Bonds
Cell Phone and Pager Sales
Cellular Telephone Service
Check Cashing
Collection Agency – No Discover, Visa/MasterCard Only
Computer Maintenance, Repair, and Services
Computer Network / Information Services
Computer Software Stores
Consumer Credit Reporting Agency
Cosmetics (Door to Door & eCommerce)
Counseling Services (excluding medical related services)
Credit Card Calls
Credit Counseling, protection and debt reduction and/or consolidation
No Discover, Visa/MasterCard Only
Credit Restoration
Cruise Line
Dating and Escort Services
Direct Marketing – Continuity / Subscription Merchants
Direct Marketing – Inbound Telemarketing Merchants
Direct Marketing – Travel Related Arrangement Services
Door to Door Sales
Drug or Sex Paraphernalia
Employment Agencies
Facsimile Services
Finance Companies
Firearms Sales
Firearms Sales – Business to Business
Future Services
General Contractors / Residential and Commercial
Health Clubs and Spa’s with Recurring Payments
How To Businesses
Import or Export Businesses
Inbound Telemarketing
Information Retrieval Services
Internet Adult Sites
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Investor Services / Clubs
Livery / Taxi / Limo Services
Massage Parlor (must be licensed Massotherapist)
Merchants using Fulfillment Houses
Money Transfer – Merchant
Mortgage Brokers (excluding registered Agent Banks)
Multi Level Marketers
Pawn Shop
Prepaid Phone Cards
Protection Services
Quasi Cash – Merchant
Record Shops (debit only)
Seminar Brokers
Talent and Modeling Agencies
Telecommunication Service including Local and Long Distance Calls
Time Shares
Travel – Related Arrangement Services
Travel Agents / Tour Operators
Vitamin Sales (Door to Door & eCommerce

Vape Merchant Account that You Can Afford

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✓ Startups Welcome

✓ Reliable Payouts

It is no surprise that acquiring banks consider the electronic cigarette industry high risk. Although e-cigs have fewer health hazards than traditional cigarettes, laws still prohibit selling e-cigarettes to minors. Deceptive marketing practices and high chargeback ratios also add to the industry’s high risk profile. These factors can make it tough to find an e-cigarette merchant account.

Many of the largest Credit Card Processors will no longer be providing merchant accounts for Vape Shops. Several Banks and processors have gone as far as terminating and or canceling the service for existing merchants strictly based upon the nature of this product.

If you or your business has been impacted or if you are considering processing credit cards please call or email us today and we can get you approved in under 48 hours. Our Network of banks directly accepts and welcomes Electronic Cigarettes, Vaporizers, and E-liquids. Whether your company does wholesale, continuity, or retail, we have a solution for your business.

Speak to one of our Vape industry specialists today and rest assured that your account is with a company that is in tune with this unique industry.