Poynt Smart POS Terminal

First smart terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payments experience with QuickBooks Intergration.

All Payments Accepted

You offer your customers the products and services they love; don’t forget to let them pay the way they like. 

EMV, NFC, Mag Stripe, Gift Card, EBT, Cash, Credit Card & Pin on Glass

Complete Wireless Payment Solution

Poynt lets you accept payment anywhere, with the security and convenience you should expect in your payment solution.

EMV Built-in, Connect 3G or WiFi or Both, Extended Battery Life, Built-in Receipt Printer, Pay-at-Table Ready

Poynt POS Solution Built by and for Poynt

Poynt’s POS solution is built to let you organize your items and optimize your customer payment flows seamlessly. 

Terminal app lets you process transactions with Poynt out of the box. It’s simple, functional, and reliable. 

Poynt HQ
Manage Your Business…Anywhere

Poynt HQ lets you manage your business where and when you like. View reports, real-time statistics, or setup a new user all via mobile, web, or on your terminal. 

Poynt Apps Marketplace

Unlock the power of apps on your Poynt Smart Terminal

with built-in apps on your Poynt that help you do everything from managing time sheets to inventory.

Time Sheets

Employees can clock in and out of their shifts; merchants can manage employee schedules and time cards all on the Poynt Smart Terminal.

Order Ahead

Merchants can create an order ahead app for their business in minutes. All mobile orders pop up right on the Poynt Smart Terminal, where they can be fulfilled.

Advance POS

Lightning Register is a powerful, but easy-to-use POS app, with advanced sales reporting and the ability to keep your accounting in sync with QuickBooks.

Gift Cards

Create and manage your gift card program with Sage’s Gift Card app. Issue cards, transfer balances, and check balances all from your Poynt Smart Terminal.