Gift & Loyalty Cards

A proven tool for increasing sales, will build long-term value for your business. Designed to help the small to mid-sized business attract new customers and keep them coming back. Loyalty and Gift programs are in demand from today’s consumers, so it’s time to give them what they want!

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Loyalty program configurations that help you engage, retain and grow your current customer base. It is proven that small reductions in customer defections dramatically increase profitability.
Gift cards provide a simple, effective way to skyrocket sales and generate new customers when used as gifts to customers’ family and friends.

Multi-Retailer Programs

A complete solution for franchises, associations, and merchant groups to offer a gift or loyalty card that can be issued and redeemed at all the retailers participating in the program. Through combining franchise settlement services with advanced POS capabilities, we deliver a program that can be implemented with diverse retailers with a common goal quickly and easily.

Registration Portal

Reap the benefits of capturing your customers’ valuable contact information by directing them to register their cards at This shared registration portal can be linked to your existing website or accessed directly by your customers and allows for self-service balance checking. Registered loyalty program members can even go “card-less” and use their phone number at the point of sale. Knowing who your best customers are and utilizing Altus Premier’s communication tools will engage customers and increase profits.

Text Messaging

Altus Premier gives you the power to send a text message blast to your best customers’ mobile phones, allowing you to promote specials and drive more business to your location. Registered customers can also send a text message and be automatically texted back with their program balance.

Email Marketing

Send targeted email messages to maintain constant awareness with your entire registered customer base, including not only your best customers but those you haven’t seen in a while.

Web Portal (Reporting)

Monitor your program’s success with a flexible and intuitive portal to view all transaction data. Pull transaction reports by date, program, card number, promotions, etc… All transaction data is exportable by CSV format which can be imported into other business applications.