• fast access to cash

    Grow Your Business :: Equipment purchases :: Additional Inventory :: Advertising

  • increase working capital

    Renovations and Remodeling :: Open New Locations

  • the etech advantage

    No set payments :: Based on Visa/MasterCard Volume :: Automatic Deduction

Need extra cash for your business operations to address an opportunity or overcome a challenge? Then a eTech Funding purchase of future Visa®/MasterCard®/Discover® receivables is what you’re looking for. We offer a quick and easy way to obtain cash.

Other services have been available in the past to help small to mid-sized businesses acquire the working capital needed to take their organization to the next level. However, most have caused frustrations for the average business owner.

Fast Access to Cash Additional Working Capital
Money to Help you Grow Your Business
No Set Payments
Based on Visa®/MasterCard® Volume
Automatic Deduction
No Pesky Checks to Write
No Prepay Penalty or Late Payment

Equipment Purchases
Purchasing Additional Inventory
Cash Flow for Seasonal Businesses
Renovating or Remodeling
Opening New Locations
Buying out Business Partners